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The Western Hemisphere of the World WIP* by Naeddyr
The Western Hemisphere of the World WIP*
A very unfinished WIP for a story project I have been thinking about a lot lately that will, as usual, probably not get anywhere.

EDIT: At the moment I don't have much motivation to work on this. Maybe I'll pick it up again later... :TIDE

The story is called The Item Shop's Daughter, and is basically the result of bingeing on a lot of those recent Japanese reincarnation light novels. Fantasy stories where someone dies and is reincarnated into a fantasy world.

However, there's a sub-sub-genre of that, which is not based on the usual shounen-hero magic/fighting/cheat dynamic: one that's based on shoujo tropes, where a girl is reincarnated into a shoujo romance or, more commonly it seems, into an otome-game, always as a villain antagonist; the stories are about how the MC derails their in-story lives to avoid the bad ends the villain usually gets. The Item Shop's Daughter is more inspired by these latter shoujo stories, but the world is more like your typical JRPG. The plot is probably a reverse harem type of deal, or maybe an economics and trade and technology-implantation story...

World backstory: there was a Dark Lord who created monsters and enslaved the undead, and basically destroyed a huge part of the civilised world: the large area south of the largest mountain chain on the map. The Dark Lord was defeated, but the corruption remains, and so the areas that were destroyed remained wild, dangerous and untameable.

In the tiny kingdom of Aludel, to the northeast of the blighted lands, wedged between the sea and the mountain-chain, a great wall was built to stem the tide of darkness. Now, centuries later, the city of Crucibel is rich and powerful, bursting with treasures and hunted ingredients brought there by the adventurers that raid the ancient ruins of long-gone kingdoms beyond the wall.

Alexira Athanor is the young daughter of an item shop owner, and she has just remembered her past life.

The projection for the map is, though it looks kind of modern, a relatively old one: sinusoidal…

It's one of those mathematically simple projections that doesn't actually see much use; in this case, imagine taking an equirectangular map (where each latitude × longitude area is equally large and shaped like a square), and squish latitude in such a way that it's proportional to the circumference of that latitude in reality... I think. In any case, the result is an equal area map with heavy distortion (so better than most projections :P).

In this case, it's not the whole world that is projected, but just one hemisphere, which is why it looks different from other sinusoidal maps and less distorted in general.

Those "orange peel" maps you sometimes see are a special case of this projection.
Test: Map of the Lake Wellamat region by Naeddyr
Test: Map of the Lake Wellamat region
A map for a super hero universe / story, centred on Pacific City. More of a test to try out a Comic Book look; inks on top of half-tone colours, fonts from Blambot, big empty tracts of land.
I wrote a post on my wordpress bleg the history/process that my ideas for Māinṃ's seasonal/day-light system went, check it out at…

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